FOR PASTORS OF CHURCHES RUNNING 199 OR LESS. This conference is designed specifically for you!


The average church in America, after you add in all the Andy Stanley and Joel Osteen churches, runs about 80 people on Sunday mornings. That IS the average size church, what we like to call the "normative" size church. Why? Well, because your size church IS the NORM! Not small, not little, but the average!


As a pastor of such a church, you were called to PREACH the Word and SHEPHERD your people... not to build and maintain a church website, or figure out the best sound system or video projection for your church. You weren't called to layout a church bulletin each week or design your business card, or church welcome packet, or banner for your lobby.


Yet, here you are doing all those things and more! Like trying to appease an older church member about the music style, all the while trying to appeal to that millennial, cool, man-bun attender! That is NOT an easy task when you are a normative size church.


Most can't afford a full-time secretary, much less a paid staff. Therefore, you as the pastor are wearing multiple hats and spinning even more plates all at the same time. It can feel overwhelming, to say the least.


Ever wanted to punch a church member in the face? Ever wanted to toss a copy machine or computer out the window?

Then this small, intense, intimate conference was made just for you! As a pastor, you can be honest at this conference about it all!​

This conference will help you Maximize your time and Minimize those daily Mundane tasks!